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"Being the lecturer for the course on meta‐analysis for the JSSS in Cambridge [the Social Science Research Methods Course programme, a shared platform for providing research students with a broad range of quantitative and qualitative research methods skills that are relevant across the social sciences], I am really forward looking forward to familiarising students with the programme. I found CMA unbelievably flexible‐‐and it wouldn't take students long to familiarise with it given how user‐friedly the programme is."

Dr. Maria M. Ttofi - Leverhulme and Newton Trust Fellow, Post‐doctoral Researcher, Institute of Criminology, University of Cambridge Research Fellow, Wolfson College

"I have used Comprehensive Meta‐Analysis for the past six years in my research activities. It has become a part of my research life. I use it for literature review, to compare and contrast differences in findings, and to search for insight in empirical studies. Comprehensive Meta‐Analysis helps me enhance my research productivity, efficiency, and quality."

Cody Ding - University of Missouri‐St. Louis

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מטא-אנליזה מקיפה

תמונת תוכנה

מטא-אנליזה מקיפה (CMA) היא תוכנת מחשב רבת עוצמה למטא-אנליזה. התוכנית משלבת קלות שימוש עם מגוון רחב של אפשרויות חישוביות וגרפיקה מתוחכמת.