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"Have had a great experience with CMA. Not only an intuitively simple‐to‐use, yet powerful, research tool, but also a great way to teach and introduce students to meta‐analysis."

Charles DiMaggio, PhD - Associate Clinical Professor, Columbia University, Departments of Anesthesiology and Epidemiology, New York, NY

"CMA is a formidable tool for conducting sophisticated meta‐analyses in the domain of cognitive and behavioral sciences. As an early adapter of CMA I am still amazed about its flexibility in data storing, data processing, and its many options for validity checks of meta‐analytic outcomes such as trim‐and‐fill and other state‐of‐the‐art ways to test the influence of unpublished papers. The flexibility of CMA to exchange data with Excel, SPSS, and other statistical software is a major asset. I also taught courses on meta‐analysis with the student version of CMA available for the graduate students, and it has been a real success as CMA makes meta‐analysis transparent as well as motivating for students with a basic training in statistics."

Marinus H. van IJzendoorn - Centre for Child and Family Studies, Rommert Casimir Institute of Developmental Psychopathology, Institute of Education and Child Studies, Leiden University, The Netherlands

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מטא-אנליזה מקיפה (CMA) היא תוכנת מחשב רבת עוצמה למטא-אנליזה. התוכנית משלבת קלות שימוש עם מגוון רחב של אפשרויות חישוביות וגרפיקה מתוחכמת.